Tutor in Stellenbosch

Kayla Bubb

Maths, languages, sciences
Whether you need help with genetics, microbiology, languages, or any other subject, I am here to support you in achieving your academic goals

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tutors in stellenbosch

Anja de Klerk

Afrikaans, History & Bio
My diverse interests and academic background make me uniquely equipped to tutor students in a range of subjects, especially those related to science.

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Maths & Accounting Tutor

Morgan Botha

Maths, Accounting & Physics
Whether you need help crunching numbers or understanding complex concepts, I am here to guide you through with patience and encouragement.

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best tutor in stellenbosch

Benjamin Morton

Maths, Physics & Ecos
Throughout my tutoring career, I’ve had the privilege of guiding numerous students, helping elevate their average grades from the 50s to achieving distinctions.

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Afrikaans Tutor

Dylan Lee

English, Afrikaans & History
As a tutor, I aim to inspire and assist students in finding their own paths to success in language and history studies.

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