Saige Turner

Hi there, my name is Saige Turner and I am currently a third year student at Stellenbosch University.
I am studying a Bachelor of Science in Applied Medicinal Chemistry and as a result I am very interested in the sciences and thoroughly enjoy expanding my knowledge through my studies.

I matriculated in 2021 from St Mary’s Waverley High School with 7 distinctions and an overall average of 88%. My final marks were as follows:
Mathematics – 91%
Physical Sciences – 84%
Life Sciences – 90%
French Second Additional Language – 90%

When I have free time away from University work, I enjoy reading and spending time with my friends. On the weekends, I try to engage in adventurous outdoor activities, such as hiking the Stellenbosch mountain ranges or going on runs through the beautiful parks and nature reserves that surround me.

I have a passion for helping others to excel in their academics in order to reach their full potential. I aim to create a friendship-based tutoring relationship as well as a positive learning environment. I am passionate about maths and science, and I am fortunate enough to study modules such as organic chemistry, quantum mechanics and human physiology, which had enabled me to deepen my understanding of the work covered in high school. This allows me to provide unique and in depth tutoring experiences for subjects such as Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. I hope to help you in anyway I can!

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