Morgan Botha

Maths & Accounting Tutor

Hi! My name is Morgan Botha, and I am a 22-year-old student at Stellenbosch University. I graduated from high school in 2020 with seven distinctions, showcasing my academic prowess with an 86% average in Mathematics, 90% in Physical Science, 85% in Accounting, and 87% in Afrikaans Home Language. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business Studies, where I continue to apply my analytical and quantitative skills.

Outside of my academic life, I am an avid outdoor enthusiast. I relish the opportunity to go for hikes and runs or to participate in any activity that allows me to connect with nature. My love for the outdoors not only keeps me physically fit but also provides me with a fresh perspective and renewed energy, which I bring back to my studies and my tutoring sessions.

As a tutor, I am eager to help students not only excel academically but also learn how to balance their studies with activities that ignite their passions. Whether you need help crunching numbers or understanding complex concepts, I am here to guide you through with patience and encouragement. Let’s achieve great things together!

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