Nic Lombard

Maths and Science Tutor

Hello! I’m Nicholas Lombard, a third-year Data Science student at Stellenbosch University. I proudly graduated as part of the Paul Roos matriculating class of 2021, where I excelled academically and athletically. My academic achievements included an impressive 94% in Mathematics and 93% in Physical Sciences, contributing to an overall average of 91%. Beyond the classroom, I demonstrated my commitment and skills in sports by playing on the first team for both water polo and hockey, showcasing my teamwork and leadership abilities.

Outside of academics and sports, my interests extend to the adventurous and physically demanding activities of spearfishing, surfing, and practicing jujitsu. These activities not only keep me physically fit but also mentally sharp, enhancing my focus and resilience—qualities that are essential in both my academic and personal life.

As a tutor, I bring this same dedication and energy to helping students achieve their academic goals. My experience in balancing rigorous academic and sports schedules has equipped me with the organizational skills and discipline needed to assist others effectively. Whether you’re struggling with complex data sets or the intricacies of physical sciences, I am here to support you with strategies that are proven to deliver results. Let’s dive into your studies with the same passion and determination that I apply to both my sports and academic pursuits!

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