Bianca Roode

IT and Maths tutor

Hello! My name is Bianca Roode, and I am currently a first-year BSc Computing student. My journey into the world of technology and computing began with a strong academic foundation and a passion for innovation and problem-solving.

I graduated from HMS Bloemhof in 2021 with commendable averages, achieving:

  • 84% in Mathematics
  • 94% in Information Technology

During my high school years, I was actively involved in various extracurricular activities. I served as the technical editor for our school paper, where I honed my editing and technical skills. Additionally, I was a member of the committee for the school media centre, which allowed me to contribute to the enhancement of our school’s information resources and media presence.

My interests extend beyond the classroom and into a variety of activities that keep me engaged and motivated. I have a deep love for coding and problem-solving, always eager to tackle new challenges and create innovative solutions. Dancing is another passion of mine, offering a creative outlet and a way to stay active. I also enjoy cooking, experimenting with new recipes and flavors in the kitchen, and gardening, which provides a peaceful and rewarding connection to nature.

I am thrilled to be part of Stellenbosch Tutors, where I can share my knowledge and enthusiasm for computing and other subjects. My goal is to help students not only understand complex concepts but also develop a genuine interest and confidence in their studies. Let’s work together to achieve your academic success and make learning an enjoyable experience!

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